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The REI Cashflow Formula Team works in partnership with our community for collaboration and success. Whether we are analyzing deals, working on joint ventures, fostering money lending opportunities or working through the accounting process, we work together to support real estate investing at the next level.


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Pam Fisher

Pam Fisher is a creative deal maker, serial entrepreneur, visionary and a perpetual learner. She enjoys finding solutions and creating opportunities in all aspects of real estate, is known for wobbly boxes
(manufactured homes), short term rentals, owner financing and enjoys engaging audiences through training and speaking.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love is a financial genius who has mastered creative financing, analyzing deals and multiple note strategies. She enjoys working with investors to help maximize returns and supporting JV deals to establish win-win-win scenarios for all parties involved.

Lisa Duryea-Johnson

Lisa Duryea-Johnson is a superstar who connects well with buyers and sellers, makes negotiations seem simple and painless and takes multi-system operations management to a new level with organization and detailed SOPs. She admittedly likes the ‘thrill of the chase’ with making contracts happen, has follow ups within the CRM down to a science and uses master formulas to determine best ways to present multiple offers for the close.

Jonathan McCollum, P.C.

Jonathan McCollum, P.C. is our legal partners, who truly are an integral part of our real estate investing team. All contracts and escrowed monies for lending and closings are managed through McCollum. We HIGHLY recommend them to anyone working through legal transactions in NC. They are thorough, responsive, close quickly and make themselves available when we request additional information. Please tell them you heard about them from us!


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