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The list below will update and change with time, based on daily learning and so many tech updates. The list is a collection of what I use on a daily basis, recommendations from trusted colleagues ( and tips I pick up from various folks along the way. Save time – trust the process and the advice!

The links below are listed by category – some are free, others have subscriptions – some have affiliate links with trials and better pricing than posted vendor subscriptions. The list is not stagnant and will change. As with any real estate transaction, you are responsible for your own due diligence. A recommendation is not a guarantee and companies change over time.

To suggest a site or have your club added to the list, please contact REI Cash Flow Formula at

Happy Investing!


Profit First for Real Estate Investors, by David Richter

Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork, by Dan Sullivan

Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, Bullet List, by Gino Wickman

Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki

The One Thing, by Gary Keller

Online Real Estate Outreach
My absolute favorite place to find information and do research on any new market I am interested in.
City-Data provides housing and census data for various areas around the U.S.
Zillow provides data on individual houses around the nation. Includes prior sales data, for-sale info, arial photos, etc.
Trulia provides research data on market trends as well on individual houses around the nation.
BankRate provides comprehensive rate information for all types of loans. Also includes articles, calculators, and advice sections.
Rentometer provides tools for determining local rents in a specific area (designated by address).
RealtyRates provides global real estate investment, financial and market data.

The Financial Forecast Center
The Financial Forecast Center provides forecasted rates for various currency exchange, loans, investments, etc.

Mortgage Rates – Daily Market Commentary
Daily mortgage rate commentary and recommendations on when to lock in or float your rate.

Search databases of all 50 states.

Free Forms

Fillable HUD 1 
This form is known as a Settlement Statement or Closing Sheet. It is used anytime you buy or sell a property. This form can be filled out online and printed. It should be signed by the buyer and seller.

Direct Mail

Looking for the absolute BEST, most affordable way to mail your cards and letters?  PrintGenie has you covered!
Whether it is finding motivated sellers with their search tool, “Done for You” card and letter templates, or their FREE mobile driving app, their tools and support let you be the direct mail master you have to be to compete in the real estate game today.

Sign up with our link and get access to my own foreclosure, soon to expired listing, and abandoned property templates!  

Shirts & Hats

For years I have used nice polo shirts, button-downs, and baseball caps to advertise my business. It is an affordable and great way to market! This has been my go-to company for all promo apparel for great quality products and customer service.

Want to try them out for only $14.95? Get a fantastic high-quality polo with YOUR custom logo embroidered on it for only $14.95 INCLUDING shipping!

Cold Colders

Lead Mining Pros 

Nick and his team can pull lists, skip trace, and make calls to the lists for you. Great service and low cost. 

Use the code “SUB210OFF” with no quotes to get 10% off of ANY of Nick’s services!

Skip Tracers

Direct Skip

Skip Genie

Lead Mining 
Use our link to get a list of 500 leads of your choice pulled and skip traced absolutely FREE! Use the code “sub210off” with no quotes to get 10% off of ANY of Nick’s services!

SkipForce will give you the most accurate contact numbers in the industry at the most competitive pricing around. In addition, all numbers are run through both the Do Not Call Registry AND the Known Litigators List!

Credit Repair & Screening for Tenants & Buyers - NO LINK

Every buyer we place into one of our homes is placed with a credit repair specialist. It is a mandatory part of our home selling process. There are many credit repair services out there. These are the ones we have used and continue to use.


A “no upfront fee” service. Your buyer will only pay for the work they complete.

Clear Screening 
Background checks for tenants, buyers, and employees.

Where to List Your Properties


Craigslist is one of the highest-traffic websites in the world for buying and selling real estate. It is also a great resource for finding sellers.

Post properties for sale in the Facebook Marketplace or in one of the local “For Sale” Facebook Groups in your area. ·       

Zillow has a For Sale By Owner platform that provides a solid way to create property listings and market them to a GIANT audience of buyers. It is also another great place to find sellers.

Another place that has tons of traffic where you can list your property absolutely FREE.

Another site to list your homes to sell for FREE and connect with sellers who have a home they need to sell.

Community Tools

Need a scheduling service for your business? Acuity is simple to use and affordable.

A simple platform for sending SMS & MMS texts. Use our link to get 200 FREE SMS text messages!

Dialers, texting, email, skip tracing, data, and more. Everything under one platform.

Scraping Solutions Craigslist Leads
Use our link to get 25 FREE Craigslist leads scraped according to YOUR specifications!

Scraping Solutions Zillow Leads
Use our link to get 100 FREE Zillow FSBO leads scraped according to YOUR specifications!

Bonjoro Email Video Tool
Want to stand out to your sellers? Send them a video with your thanks for being considered or with your actual offer!

Marketing Tools

UZ Marketing
Bandit signs, T-shirts, door hangers, flyers and more.

Signs on the Cheap
Use this link for 55% off all signs!

American Sign Post
Reasonably Priced, Low Maintenance, Professional Looking Sign Posts.

Conversion AI
Need help writing sales copy or copy that makes a seller want to call YOU when they find your website or ads? This program will take your information and write incredible words that are irresistible to anyone who reads them.

Tools to Help Make Your Job Easier


Finish Green Plug & Play System is an all-in-one integrated CRM that offers disposition and transaction coordination, lead management, follow-up management, social media management, website development, and business branding services.

REI Blackbook

The ultimate CRM with websites, call tracking, texting, and more. All the tools you need to run your real estate investing business, all in one place. Use our link to get the $997 licensing fee waived and get a 14-day free trial!


Pull comps, create lists, create mailings, skip trace prospects, ringless voice mail, this program does it all at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Get a 7-day free trial and save a few dollars a month off of the regular price by using our link.


A less expensive driving app that lets you locate off-market properties, build a list & send mail to sellers on the go. Get started with Profit Drive today.


Turns your phone into a real estate investing tool. Snap a photo of a house and you will instantly know who owns it, how much they paid for it when they bought it and the owners mailing address. Click one button to instantly start a mailing campaign to them. Use our link to get a 14-day free trial.


Create flyers and websites to showcase your properties and more. Yes, there is also a free version.


Looking for an easy way to collect payments from your tenants or owner finance buyers each month? These guys are the best at the lowest cost you will find.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity is an easy to use scheduling tool for buyers, clients, anyone that you need to have set appointments to meet or speak with you. Collect payment integration, too.

123 Notary 

Use this website to find a mobile notary to get documents signed or even closing paperwork done in your virtual market.

Real Estate Forms & More

Fillable forms for everything from auto bills of sale to residential leases. Searchable by state to ensure

Real Estate Investing Websites

MJ White 

This guy has been building websites for me for several years. Easy to work with and affordable. Contact him at


A free website for your property! Yes, they are free but the URL isn’t very user-friendly. Still, hard to beat free.

Investor Carrot

If you are a stats person and like to know where every visitor comes from and so on, take a look here. Higher cost per month but lots of bells and whistles in the back.


Looking to build your own site and need a hosting service? We use these guys.

Crew Tracking Apps

SimpleCrew – Get Your 14 Day Free Trial! 

Easily track and manage where your team places yard signs! Put your yard sign marketing on auto-pilot with the SimpleCrew app, and stop wondering if your yard signs ended up in the garbage.


This is an excellent program for remote investors who have people doing jobs for them on location. Almost as good as being there yourself. It also stores photos and docs in the cloud forever letting you keep all your “befores and afters” in one place.

Other Teachers We Trust & Endorse

William Bronchick – I got started investing using almost everything Bill offers. His training is great and you actually talk to him if you have questions. I highly recommend his programs listed below.

Land Trust Course 

Learn how to remove your name from public records and get the privacy you and your family deserve! This is the course I used to learn how to create and use land trusts. Easy to follow and it shows you step-by-step how to create and maintain a land trust.


REI-USA is a real estate training portal of teachers sharing their experience on all real estate topics. Check them out and get 1 month free with our link!

Lisa Englehart – REO Pro

If you are a real estate agent and want to learn how to break into the business of listing REOs & Bank Owned Foreclosures, Lisa is your go-to person! An experienced agent and investor, Lisa shares her years of experience with listing Bank Owned Properties.

Real Estate Investment Clubs and Associations

Coming Soon!

Real Estate Clubs & Associations

Coming Soon!


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